A Legacy of Winemakers

Flavio Andreucci’s journey to becoming a great winemaker started in his childhood. Growing up in the village of Montefollonico, where he watched his parents and brothers work tirelessly, thinking “I will do that myself one day.

7 Generations & Counting
Flavio Andreucci

“Born into wine.”

As a child, harvest time was like a festival for Flavio. It was a time of joyous fun and great excitement. Although his mother was a teacher he was allowed to skip school to participate in all the activities surrounding this special time. Men and women from the village were hired to harvest and crush the grapes. Once the juice was resting in the vats, the celebration would begin. One of Flavio’s favorite parts was when his elders would share their stories which held the traditions of growing, harvesting, crushing grapes, and transforming the results into great wines. It was here that Flavio started to learn the Andreucci family’s secrets of making truly great wine.

After secondary school Flavio attended the University of Siena and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology. These studies are added to his insights on the importance of soils, the topography of the land, the wind, the sun exposure, how the rain flows off the land and how all these factors influence wine production and quality.

In 1998 his father asked him to assume responsibility for the family business. A few years later Flavio bought the business from his father. He was now ready to blend the old traditions with what he had learned about today’s technology with the goal of improving the quality of the wines he produced.

Flavio is a perfectionist when it comes to wine making and that is a good thing for those of us who love an exceptional wine. In order to make a high quality wine there are thousands of “little things” that need to be done and to make decisions about. Flavio has learned his craft well and is constantly looking at all the many aspects that go into making his wines better and works tirelessly to make sure they are done perfectly.

Flavio possesses an extraordinary ability. He can taste a wine and not only tell you what kind of wine it is but, most times, where it was produced. His nose picks up smells and scents that’s well beyond the capability of most people. These talents are especially important when he is determining the right combinations of wines for his Super Tuscan offerings.

A Family Tradition

The Andreucci family has been making wine for two and a quarter centuries. In 1810 the quartermaster for the French Army purchased wine from the Andreucci family to serve Napoleon’s troops while they were in Italy. A reproduction of the receipt issued by the French Army is shown on the label of a number of their wines. Even back then they had a reputation for making exceptional wines.

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